Saturday, 20 June 2009



Stormbridge is an independent arts and lifestyle label founded in 2004, by renown visual artist Hatemachine666 a.k.a Neraka Jahanam. He decide to take "Stormbridge" as his brand name, which is represent a striking fast as lightning and a hard unbreakable brand.

He choose a logo that people allready familiar and know, it's the Hazard Logo. With the Hazard logo which philosophy inside it, is consist of triple three mark that represents 9 as a highest and lucky number and it also represent chakra that symbolize a methaphysical energy and wheel of live in hinduism.

Stormbridge label cut and sew and graphic incorporates the street, art and music culture with clean and sophisticated design. And it also Crafted with Blood, sweat and tear.

So, Enjoy and Ride the Storm!!

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