Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The stuff is ready to rockin'!! A super awesome graphic with special surprise background. This special package will be include a cool bonus for you. Available at Mega's "Longing to be knotted together" 2011 Tour in:



Opening at 7pm, Friday 15th April // ARTHIVE
> more infos about the ARTHIVE EVENT


Opening at 7pm, Saturday 30th April // FED SQUARE - ATRIUM
> more infos about THE SHOW, official part of the CARBON EVENT

Part of an art and forum event organized by ACCLAIM with Futura, the guys from Mishka, The Hundreds, Complex magazine, and more


Opening at 7pm, Friday 6th May // CHINA HEIGHTS

> more infos about the CHINA HEIGHTS EVENT


Opening at 7pm, Friday 20th May // MAGAZINE GALLERY

> more infos about the MAGAZINE EVENT



Opening at 7pm, Friday 28th May // SALIHARA

Part of Sweet Honey, Bitter Poison, And The Taste Of My Country with 123 Klan and more

More exclusive artwork


Opening at 7pm, Thusrday 2nd June // NIGHT & DAY



Opening at 7pm, Friday 8th July // ZIRKUMFLEX

during the Bread & Butter


Opening at 6pm, Thusrday 8th September // ATELIER NATIONAL


Opening at 7pm, October // SERGEANT PAPER

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